Mayweather Finally Chose Maidana For May 3 PPV Fight

Floyd Mayweather made headline news once again in the Boxing world when he announced that Marcos Maidana will be his next opponent. After many months of speculation and thrill, the boxing superstar finally made it official.

Floyd Mayweather is truly a genius when it comes to promoting himself. No wonder, he has drawn many fans and haters along the way. By careful orchestration, he was able to pour in more interest and enthusiasm by what he has to say about his next match.

After beating Canelo Alvarez in September, he immediately announced that his next fight will be on May 3, 2014. The problem with his announcement is that he never mentioned the name of his opponent, leaving many boxing fans hanging.

There had been many suggestion of who should Mayweather fight next. Of course, it is obvious that the fight of the century would have happen if only Mayweather will agree to face boxing legend and Filipino pride Manny Pacquiao. However, it seems that Mayweather has other plans in mind. Eventually, the names of potential opponents narrowed down between Marcos Maidana and Amir Khan.

Many analysts and spectators bodly predict that Amir Khan will be the next fighter to face Mayweather. Khan even won a Twitter poll made by Mayweather about who should be his opponent. While it is true that Khan lost two out of his four previous fights, he still has the superstar factor and many fans love Khan’s lighting speed and charisma within the ring. Khan even cancelled his bout against Devon Alexander to make sure that he will be free for Mayweather on May 3.

To Khan’s dismay, it was Marcos Maidana who made it for the bucket list of Mayweather. However, Maidana is proven to be one of the best fighters of our time. Mayweather will need to prepare for this bout and it will be a great fight every boxing fan anticipates.

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